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Your Complete Fire Starting Kit

  • Insta-Fire Fire Starter
  • Insta-Fire Hickory Chunks

1* Insta-Fire Fire Starter


    8* Insta-Fire Hickory Chunks


    Whole Set Package of Bag of InstaFire


    You Bring the Match


    We'll Bring the Fire!


    Product Details

    Insta-Fire Fire-Logs are made from recycled, renewable hickory sawdust (no extra trees are cut down). Our goal is to save 2 million trees within the next 5 years. Insta-Fire Fire-Logs are manufactured under tight quality control to ensure the moisture content is reduced to 4-6% vs. 25 – 30% in our competitors logs. This manufacturing process ensures that the Fire-Logs produce a fire that lights quicker, burns hotter, more efficient and cleaner than cordwood. Insta-Fire Fire-Logs also produce less than 1% ash (with virtually no creosote emissions) which makes clean up very easy.

    Your Complete Fire Starting Kit (Bag of Fire)

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