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Safely Cook Meals AND Heat a Room—All Indoors!

     Includes: VESTA unit and Canned Heat (3-Pack)

  • Won't reveal your location: When circumstances require it, STAYING INDOORS is often your smartest option. Building a fire outdoors could give away your location. With minimal smoke, the VESTA is a way to become unnoticeable—ungovernable! 
  • Boil water and cook meals: Enjoy a hot meal indoors and outdoors even without electricity. Boil water, cook your camp food or emergency meals, and more.
  • Culinary creativity: Enable campers to expand their outdoor cooking options beyond the standard campfire food! The stove function encourages culinary experimentation in the great outdoors.
  • Space saving: The dual-purpose design consolidates two essential camping tools into one! This saves valuable packing space and simplifies your outdoor experience.
  • No power needed: No electricity? No problem. You don’t need power to run this unit!
  • Safe to use indoors: When used with canned heat, the VESTA unit emits little to no smoke or toxic fumes.* Use indoors or outdoors depending on your needs!
  • Simple design: Just slide up to three cans of canned heat inside the unit, then light to use. (At least one can is required in slot one—below the fan—to operate properly.)
  • Heat up a whole room: Transform the cookstove into a space heater with ease! Warm up an area as much as 200 square feet in size.
  • Take anywhere: Lightweight and easy to carry, this portable nine-pound unit is ready to go wherever you do! 
  • Compact: Weighs only 7.6 pounds! (Shipping weight is 11 pounds.) Easy to transport. Measures 11" L x 7.5" W x 5.25" H when used as a stove. Measures 11" L x 7.5" W x 10.75" H when used as a heater.
  • Download the Instruction Manual for the Vesta Heater and Stove

VESTA Self-Powered Indoor Space Heater and Stove (Compact, Off-Grid, Emergency)

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