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Especially in the spring and summer months, less is more when it comes to your sleeping gear. At 1.5 pounds, you’ll barely feel this feather-light sleeping bag in your backpack -- and when you’re curled up comfy inside of it by the campfire, you won’t believe how cozy it feels. Stealth Angel is proving that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for lightweight portability with this new sleeping bag available in 6 stunning colors.

Built For The Outdoors

Waterproof 320D nylon forms the protective shell of this sleeping bag that won’t let you down even in the rain. Ideal in temperatures 59 degrees (F) and above, this is a spring and summer option that puts your old bulky, itchy sleeping bags to shame.

Portability Is Everything

Try carrying around a traditional bulky sleeping bag for a few days, and you’ll be ready to tear your hair out. Instead, opt for this ultra-compressible option that stuffs down to about the size of a large water bottle. You’ll hardly notice it in your backpack -- and that makes a HUGE difference in comfort and convenience over the course of even a short outdoor adventure.

Product Features

  • 320D waterproof nylon construction
  • Ideal for 59 degrees (F) and above
  • Just 1.5lbs and 7 inches tall
  • Available in 6  colors

Ultra Lightweight & Portable Sleeping Bag

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