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Made in the USA! 

 The SOB Kit (small of the back) is a purpose-built trauma first aid kit designed and built in America.  It is equipped to work the MARCH-E algorithm to address the most common battlefield injuries.

Using a quick-deploy inner pouch system, it contains premium medical components from  H&H Medical, North American Rescue, QuikClot, and Tac Med Solutions. 

Slimmer and lighter than any other MOLLE- compatible kit we offer, the SOB is at home on a war belt, plate carrier, chest rig, headrest, or glove compartment.  This kit has been developed and improved with input from shooting sports professionals, US Army Special Forces, and US Navy Special Operations personnel.  The SOB Kit is the newest design from Refuge Medical and like all of our American-made kits, it is guaranteed forever.

  • Refuge Medical Patch
  • Cat 7 Gen Tourniquet
  • Compact Hyfin Chest Seal, pair
  • Quikclot Roll Bleeding Control Dressing
  • Flat Duct Tape
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway, 28fr
  • Emergency Trauma Dressings (ETD), 4"
  • Gloves, pair
  • Compressed Gauze
  • Antiseptic Towelettes (3)
  • Permanent Marker


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