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Extreme-Weather Protection

It’s More Than a Just A Blanket: It’s Shelter

When disaster strikes, cold, wind, and water are your worst enemies—they’ll knock you out faster than dehydration or lack of food.

The Ready Hour Deluxe Thermal Blanket gives you instant shelter. It offers so much: a compact, soil-resistant ground coveroverhead shelter that’s wind and waterproof; or a multi-layered blanket that retains warmth by reflecting your body heat back at you.

Highest Quality, No Corners Cut

  • Water/Windproof – Made of extra-durable polymer film coated in aluminized sheeting
  • Edges, corners, and grommets reinforced by stitching
  • Holding pouch for easy grab-and-go
  • Fits easily in a hiking pack or bugout bag: 10.5 L “ x 6.5 “ W
  • Unfolded dimensions: 79" L 50” W (127 x 200.6 cm)
  • Lightweight: 11.5 oz. (325 g)

Ready Hour Deluxe Thermal Blanket

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