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The human body can survive without food for a while, but not without water. If you’re in the wilderness, caught in a dire situation, drinking straight from that stream might seem refreshing -- but it’s a sure-fire ticket to disease and even worse dehydration. With the Stealth Angel Personal Water Filter, you can drink directly from streams and rivers without getting sick or exposing yourself to harmful pathogens.

The Power Of 4-Stage Filtration

The Stealth Angel Personal Water Filter begins with a layer of cotton and medical-grade, hollow fiber UF membrane, which eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria by itself. After that, water will pass through activated carbon and antibacterial beads for an even more thorough cleanse.

Confident, Unlimited Access to Life-saving Water

Words can’t express how utterly critical it is to have access to fresh, drinkable water when you’re in a bad situation for longer than you expected. With Stealth Angel’s Water Filter, you can confidently enter the backcountry knowing that you can safely quench your thirst.


  • Eliminates over 99.9999% of aquatic bacteria
  • Connects to standard size plastic bottles for clean water storage
  • Comes with sanitary cap and machined metal carabiner
  • Small size makes Stealth Filter a perfect addition to any backpack or survival set

Personal Water Filter Stealth Angel Survival

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