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LEVEL IV’s world wide are only REQUIRED to stop 1 round of an armor Piercing round to pass all government and NIJ testing!   THATS IT!    Every other level requires 6 shots to be stopped while the Level IV is left with only needing to stop 1 shot of a .30.06AP round.

Well Folks Legacy Safety will “NEVER” sell you anything that BARELY passes NIJ Requirements and our Level IV is not only one of the lightest plates on the market for this level it is also the BEST.

Made of Silicon Carbide this Level IV can stop 3-6 shots of that .30.06AP round!  YES that’s right!!!   Why push the BARE MINIMUM when we can  provide you a lighter option that is so awesome that it stops 6 rounds!     We want to save your life and we only sell you products that FAR EXCEED the minimum expectations by the government.

Dont settle for a cheap 1 hit plate.  (BAD GUYS DONT JUST SHOOT 1 TIME).


5.2lb Level IV 10×12 (Introducing our 11×14 IV at only 6.8lbs)
NIJ Compliant .06
10 x 12 single curve
Multi Hit

Silicon Carbide

Shooter Cut


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