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Bake Without Electricity—Indoors AND Outdoors!

The FIRST OF ITS KIND, the Ember Oven lets you bake safely indoors and outdoors completely off-grid.

Paired with its TRANSPORTABLE and EASY-TO-USE design, the Ember is a game changer for emergencies and outdoor excursions alike.

  • The ONLY Indoor-Safe, Off-Grid Oven: Pair with InstaFire Canned Heat+ for safe indoor baking completely off-grid. 
  • Fuel with Biomass Around Your Home: From leaves in your yard to wood chips, twigs, and charcoal, the Ember can run on almost any biomass material for easy OUTDOOR baking. 
  • Convection Cooking = Great Food: “Camp cooking” doesn’t have to mean bad cooking. The Ember uses patent-pending convection heating to give you evenly cooked food—just like your oven at home.
  • Take It Anywhere: Made of cold-rolled steel fused with aluminum for an amazingly lightweight design, the Ember is compact and easy to carry. Pair with the Ember Oven Carrying Case for ultimate comfort and safety when transporting. Sold separately.
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Use It: With precise controls and a functional design, the Ember is easy to use. If you can operate your oven at home, you can use the Ember.

InstaFire Ember Oven

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