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The Imerpure Filter is an easily accessible countertop water filter designed to satisfy the daily water needs for a family or small business. The Imerpure’s sleek design helps to promote sustained use. This product not only filters water but also stores and dispenses it.

  • Highly Effective — Protects against bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Globally Certified — Exceeds WHO & EPA standards for clean drinking water
  • Simple to Use — Just pour contaminated water into the top reservoir and wait for water to be filtered
  • Fast Flow — Filters up to 168 liters (44 gallons) of water per day
  • Long Lasting — With proper maintenance, one cartridge filters up to 8,000 liters (2,113 gallons)
  • Improves Taste — Activated carbon works to remove poor taste and odor in the water
  • Large Volume — 15 liter (4 gallon) total capacity
  • Easy Maintenance — Just clean ceramic filter when flow rate slows and replace cartridge as needed

Imerpure Water Filter

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