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A trusty headlamp is one of the most vital pieces of gear you’ll own. Being stuck in the wilderness at night is a challenge; being in that situation without a headlamp is a nightmare. Thankfully, the SA-HLX3 is an absolute beast when it comes to hands-free illumination. Four settings (low, medium, high, and strobe) give you brightness options. An adjustable tilt angle lets you shine the powerful beam exactly where you need. And a simple recharging mechanism makes sure that the waterproof SA-HLX3 is ready to roll whenever you need it most.

Great For Camping, Survival and Exploring

Whether you’re using it as a backup that’s stashed away in your car or gear bag, or you plan to use it as your main source of light, the SA-HLX3 is ready for duty. This headlamp is so powerfully bright, it’s suitable for use even in pitch-black situations like dense forests at night or cave exploration!

All The Features You Want In A Headlamp

When you think about the features you need in a high quality headlamp, you’re thinking that it needs to be waterproof, super bright, have multiple brightness levels, and be capable of adjusting the beam angle. Good news: we developed the SA-HLX3 with these needs in mind, and the result is a rugged, mega-bright headlamp that ranks as one of the very best on the market.

Product Features

  • Fully adjustable to achieve the perfect lighting angle
  • 8000 combined lumens of ultra-bright torchlight
  • Simple DC adapter plug for recharging
  • Waterproof

HLX3 High Power 4-Mode LED Waterproof Headlamp Kit

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