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This Shelter Is More Important to Your Survival Than Food or Water!

The Ready Hour Emergency Tent protects against the worst mother nature can throw at you: storms, blizzards, high winds, and more

It’s engineered with technology that keeps your environment dry and uses your own body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Stay Dry in the Harshest Conditions – 28UM nylon blocks winds and keeps water and snow outside, where they belong.

Stay Warm, Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures – High-tensile, aluminized polyester captures your body heat and warms your tent like a furnace. It maintains 90% of body warmth!

360° Protection  Tube tent shelters overhead and gives you ground cover, too. No need for a tarp or extra gear.

Easy to Set Up. Anyone Can Do It – Sets up in four simple steps. With a little practice, you can set it up in just one minute.


  • Fits two adults
  • Heavy-duty nylon resists puncturing
  • Tent hangs securely on a 20-foot nylon paracord (9-strand, 550-pound strength)
  • Paracord also makes a great sling, fishing line, rope, and more
  • 120-decibel survival whistle included
  • Perfect travel size: 6” x 3”; 8.7 oz

Army Green Nylon Emergency Tent with Survival Whistle

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