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Stop fishing around in your bag for a million different pieces of gear, and start relying on elite quality multi-tools that get all the jobs done. This 15-in-1 Heavy Duty Multifunction Shovel is your trusted companion, either as part of your everyday carry, or as a backup stashed in a car or drawer. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy construction makes this a powerfully sturdy shovel, saw, hoe, hook, and more. Meanwhile, hidden within the chassis you’ll find extremely valuable survival and wilderness tools like a firestarter, compass, screwdriver, and more.

Nearly Unlimited Uses For Survival, Protection And More

We spent months painstakingly designing a multi-function tool that would feel sturdy in your hand and capable of providing almost limitless jobs depending on the dynamic nature of your situation. Whether you need to smash glass to escape, dig an emergency shelter, defend yourself against an aggressive creature, or find your way out of the woods: this tool is your best bet to help you survive a wide array of situations.

Keep One In The Car

Even if you end up loving the 15-in-1 shovel and adding it to your gear bag, we strongly recommend keeping one in your car for emergencies. We designed this burly tool to break down into a size that easily fits in glove compartments or under a seat. And critically, this tool contains a glass safety smasher and a saw: two things you’ll desperately need if you’re ever trapped in your car after an accident or worse.

Product Features

  • Contains compass, firestarter, shovel, saw, glass breaker, screwdriver, bottle opener, cutter, scale knife, mini saw, hook knife, cleaver, ruler, knife blade, saw blade, and more
  • Over 15 different tools that combine to perform nearly unlimited functions
  • Ideal for emergency kits, cars, and your everyday gear bag
  • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy construction

15-in-1 Heavy-Duty Multi-Function Folding Shovel

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